Dark Underarm Whitening

Lighten your dark underarms and restore your confidence!

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Visible results & long-lasting treatment outcomes

Lightens unsightly dark areas for bright and smooth underarms

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Medical Grade

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Safe & Effective

Very dark, thick underarm skin

Lighten your dark underarms and restore your confidence! Our comprehensive treatment programme uses medical-grade technology for safe and effective dark underarm whitening.

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1 x Dark Underarm Whitening Treatment

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The Treatment Process

Step 1

Dark underarms are caused by an accumulation of melanocytes in the skin. Factors that cause them include shaving, usage of deodorants, and genetics. People with darker skin are more likely to have dark underarms. Dark underarm whitening treatment is hassle-free, safe, and effective.

Step 2

Our high-tech FDA-approved laser system whitens dark underarms. It produces visible results with minimal discomfort. The Fotona StarWalker pigmentation laser system specifically target and treats dark areasin the skin. In contrast to skincare products, this advanced laser is able to reach deeper layers of the skin for better treatment results.

Step 3

The heat energy from the laser breaks down dark pigmentation spots into smaller particles. During the recovery period, these particles are removed naturally by the body, making way for clearer, fairer, and brighter underarms. The does not thin or damage other areas of the skin.

Step 4

This treatment is a comprehensive, safe, effective, and long-term solution to dark underarms. You will no longer have to worry about embarrassing dark patches!

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