Acne Scars

Fotona StarWalker Pico

Q-Switch Resurfacing Laser

- Suitable for deep acne scars

- Safe & effective treatment

- Hi-tech laser deeply resurfaces skin

- Try at now at only $299

Defined Chin

 Strong Jawline & Jaw Angle

- Filler for chin

- Filler to enhance jawline & jaw angle

- Ultherapy to tighten jawline & neck

- Dermal Lift

- Micro B*tox

Defined Nose

 Strong Bridge & Frontal Projection

Helps to narrow face


- HIKO nose threads to enhance nose bridge, nose tip, and straighten nose

Enhance Cheeks

Redefine cheeks

For a masculine & youthful appearence

- B*tox for cheeks

- Fillers for cheeks

- Fillers for nasolabial folds

Eye Rejuvenation

Youthful & Bright Eyes

- B*tox crow's feet, eye bags, frown lines

- Fillers for dark circles, sunken eyes

- Fillers for tear troughs

Acne & Blemishes